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Frequently Asked Questions

Here's some answers to questions we've received in the past.

Q. What's involved in being a boat captain?
    A.  We prefer that boat owners provide and drive their own boats.  We do need drivers for the Camp pontoon boats on Sylvan Lake too.  You can either bring your boat to the camp on Saturday morning or pick up your angler and attendant (if needed) at the Camp.  You can take your designated angler to where your boat is docked and leave from there for the day.  Anglers in need of attendants for their medical conditions must have the attendant on board the boat as the boat captains are their to drive the boat safely as their primary responsibility.

Q. Do I need to be a fishing "Pro" to be a fishing partner?
    A. Although we had many "Pro" fishermen help us in previous years, the main thing we need are people who love to fish and are willing to share that enthusiasm with our anglers.

Q. Do I need to bring rods/reels, tackle, bait, life jackets, etc.?
    A.  We provide everything you'll need.  Fishing gear and life jackets can be signed out at the Camp and all of the bait is being donated again this year by S&W Bait.

Q. Where is lunch served on Saturday?
    A. Lunch is provided at no charge for all boat occupants at Ernie's or Zorbaz.  Be sure to wear your FHNB T-shirt and/or hat for identification.  Boats on Sylvan Lake will have a "shore lunch" at the Camp beach.  There will be volunteers at the restaurants to help with loading and unloading.  Ernie's is the most accessible with nearly level ground and Zorbaz should only be used by those able to manage steps without a problem.

Q. What insurance is provided?
    A.  Liability insurance is provided on the water and at the Camp by FHNB, Inc.  Your personal liability or property damage insurance is the primary source of insurance coverage while on the road or if your boat should happen to be damaged.  That's why we try not to borrow any boats.  Owners take much better care of their own boats and know them better.

Q. Can I keep the fish I catch?
    A.  We strongly encourage "catch and release" but we will have cleaning services available and your "catch" will be frozen for you to take home with you.

​Q. What happens if it rains? 
    A.  This is a rain or shine event and we will provide rain ponchos.  We will stay off the lake in the event of severe weather and will provide indoor activities to fill the time.

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